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The Elliwaki Cherry Tree

So I have this cherry tree I've been grooming a little over the last couple years and it's come time to begin building. My son is 3 now and trustworthy enough that I don't have to worry too much about him falling out.

I'm currently in the planning and aquiring stage since I've been advised that now is not the time to be drilling into the tree. So what I currently have is this as far is some doodles expressing how I want to lay out the main structure (below) and materials. The materials I've gathered are mostly 2x6 full dimension red cedar beams and some TABs I made by welding stacks of washers to lag bolts. I'm currently revising my technique though because I'm just murdering lathe bits trying to make them all uniform in size so for my next batch I'll be using pipe filled with either smelted aluminum or concrete for the collars. I'll be using recycled 1/8" steel for beam plates and brackets.

So here we go with some doodles. Two of them were drawn on my phone, so please forgive me. Nothing is to scale and the roof/second floor layout hasn't been decided yet. I'm just going to focus on the floor and go from there.
960 x 503 - 36K
1920 x 1005 - 90K
5312 x 2988 - 6M
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