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Coach screws: how big and where in the UK to get them?

I am building a very small tree platform (about 2m x 2.5m) and need some coach screws for the trees. The trees are young birch trees, around maybe 20cm in diameter, and there are three of them. I guess the weight that the screws need to take is in the region of 500kg.
My first question is about the size of screw I should use. I have seen mention here of 3/4" coach screw. Would this size of coach screw be suitable for this size of tree and the weight of my project?
My second question is about suppliers! There is a very useful post in this forum about specialist treehouse suppliers, however they are all based in the US and I am building my project in the UK. I was looking at SwiftFix as a possible supplier for my coach screws.
Thank you :)


  • The Swiftfix bolts look suitable for this project. Use 20mm or larger diameter galvanised bolts. 3/4" is the minimum that should be used for a typical treehouse but larger sizes can carry a lot more weight for only a small extra cost.

    You will need to allow some movement in your supports so that the trees can move independently in the wind. If you attach them rigidly together the joints will be put under a lot of strain and will eventually become loose.

    If anyone knows of other UK suppliers, please add them to this thread.
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