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Is my tree healthy enough?

Hi everybody,

I'm all new to treehouse building and I'd like to build one in my garden. I just have a question about my tree. 
Actually there is a hole in the trunk which seems full of insects. But branches seem strong and leaves are still growing, so it's still alive. 
Do you think I can use this tree or should I let it alone?


P.S.: Sorry if my English is bad (I'm from Belgium).


  • Insects will often use hollows in trees for nests, usually because there is some damage inside the trunk and the wood has rotted away. Some types of insects can actively burrow into the tree to enlarge the space, but this is less likely.

    To determine if the tree is safe, you should consult a tree surgeon/arborist. They will be able to look over the tree in detail to see if the insects or any other problems mean it would be unsafe.

    Even if a tree is unhealthy or unstable you can still use posts to support the treehouse. This way you won't be relying on the tree's strength and can make the treehouse any shape you like.
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