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Early Design Phase - Soliciting Thoughts/Ideas

edited June 2017 in Design
I'm planning to build a tree house for my kids.

Attached is a reasonably accurate model of the trees relative positions and sizes. The measurements on the ground are of the tangent lines between the trees. The diameter measurements are based on the measured circumference at about eye level. The 3 trees are in the 60-80+ ft range.

I'm aiming to build a rectangular platform set on beams arranged triangularly and attached using artificial limbs. I'm open to hearing suggestions for other configurations.

My initial questions are about:

  • What should beam dimensions be?
  • Should I incorporate knee braces?
What other impressions do you have about the attached model? What would you do? I'll post a photo shortly.

treehouse trees.png
1037 x 853 - 135K
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