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Adding a fireman's pole

I am in the process of starting to build a new tree house for a small summer camp, and I would VERY much like to add a fireman's pole to it.  The problem is that I can't figure out what to use for the pole.  Plus I'm sure there are a few other issues around having one.

The height I'm going to shoot for as a deck on the tree house is 8 feet.  The kids at our camp are from 7-17, and 8 feet is high enough for a 16 year old to feel like he's off the ground, and not so high that an 8 year old is afraid of it.  Plus if a kid does something stupid and falls off hopefully 8 feet isn't so high that it will hurt him too badly, (we've had kids fall from higher than that just climbing around in trees).

So in googling around I found things like this:

I also found various postings about people using things like fence post poles, but I worry again about the fact that this fireman's pole will get MUCH more use at a summer camp than ones in most people's back yards.  I need this pole to be rock solid, and be able to take large 17 year old boys time and time and time again.  

Any suggestions?



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