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Tree Damage From Lag Bolt Holes?

I am afraid I made an early error in starting my treehouse. I am using two pine trees that are about 10” in diameter. My goal is to end up with about a 6x8’ (maybe 8x8’ if I include a small deck) treehouse. My intent is/was to use fixed anchors and floating metal brackets to secure two, 2x10’s to the trees as my primary support beams. However, instead of attaching both brackets to the same tree, I put one on each tree. I have attached a picture of roughly the configuration I was intending. Unfortunately, not until I was done did I realize that as soon as I secure the platform to the 2x10 beams I will lose “floating” benefit of the brackets. Instead I should have attached the 2x10’s to one tree with both metal brackets and the other end of the 2x10’s to the other tree with fixed anchors. I have used 5/8 x 8” lags to secure the brackets and for the fixed anchors. So, I am trying to decide which of the following options is best to correct my error (or maybe someone has another idea): 1) Leave everything as-is and not worry about having the treehouse fixed to the trees and not able to move with tree movement, 2) Move both brackets to the same tree and then move forward as I had intended. Since I only have a 10” diam tree, if I go with this option, I figure I will need to make a new bracket with a higher attachment hole than the other so that when I have both brackets attached, I won’t have lag bolts essentially running into each other in the middle of the tree or at the least being very close to each other as they horizontally “pass” each other going into the tree. As far as I have been able to think it through, as long as I make the bracket attachment heights different, I think this option should work. However, it would leave a hole in at least one, possibly both of the trees, where I remove the 5/8 x 8” lag holding one of the current brackets, so that I can attach the new bracket to the other tree. I don’t know how much damage it may do leaving a hole like that in the tree? 3) I see my other option as just starting all over and beginning again, so that I can do it the way I originally intended. I would try to re-use the same attachment points, if I could, but my concern is that I will not be able to and will then end up with as many as two holes in each tree from the 5/8 x 8” lags. Again, I just don’t know if or how well the trees may be able to heal over from holes of that size? I would really appreciate any input/knowledge someone has to share, or any suggestions. Thank You image
Treehouse 5.JPG
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