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Avoiding permit and legal problems

edited August 2014 in Law
Building control departments do not always have rules about treehouses, but there are often general regulations that will allow them to order a removal. These suggestions for your build could help you avoid wasting time and money if you are faced with legal challenges in the future.
  • Speak to those around you about your plans so they aren't surprised by new building work.
  • Don't have windows or decks overlooking other properties.
  • Adhere to setback distances for your property.
  • Choose a paint or cladding to match your main house, or that blends in to the surroundings.
  • Don't fit permanent water or electrical supplies.
  • Don't use the treehouse as an extra residence (eg guest room, Airbnb accommodation).
If your design will not fit with these limitations you should seek professional advice and the proper permits needed to build within the legal framework of your area.

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