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Cheap materials
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Subject: Help
Ok..We all know a tree fort will cost money no matter what you do.I want toknow how to build a CHEAP fort and use like no money. Would anyone acre to help me out on this? :-/
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Go to a lumber yard and buy wood in bulk. And salvage anything you can off of houses about to be demolished.
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Subject: ---
Has anyone thought of building a metal treehouse???

And you can use any thing to build a tree house even paper and tinfoil (tinfoil is for waterprofing) and old skirting board is good look in scrap heaps and old buildings (not ones that are owned) all so any thing that is liying around can be used for something eg. Plant pot=Chimny and old towls+wood=Sofa and so on

well I'll check back later for your reply bye
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All our windows were free- they came from a window shop that took them out on a remodel project. All are aluminum frame, double pane design; one is a garden window!  We also got an 8 panel TDL door from their bone yard as well. Our siding is recycled cedar shingles, also free. A local roofing contractor delivered us an entire dump truck load for free when they put a new roof on a nearby farmhouse. We scour for freeby stuff all the time.
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Be careful using 'found' materials for structural parts of the treehouse. These should be in sound condition with no rot or damage from salvage.

Having said that, builders throw out an amazing amount of high quality, reusable materials. Some sites can supply everything you need for the treehouse. It's a good idea to have a word with the boss. They will usually be more than happy for you to take away materials if you don't leave a mess, as they have to pay for each load. You may also get advance notice of some good supplies destined for disposal.

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This is a rather late reply it would seem, but I've only just read this.

Skips are perfect as was said, but also there tends to be a lot of waste on building sites that people working there take home and avoids the skip.  If you get to know site managers you can get a lot from there.  for this treehouse the budget is currently around 35 quid (excluding planning permission application), and everything bar some nails/wood preservative and rope has been found for free, which includes the double glazing windows, wooden pylons, as well as all the roofing felt and thatch. (not in photo).  A lot of business's will not let you go through there skips for health and safety reasons, so you should always take gloves and general protection so they can't use that excuse.

When looking for skips, I tend to find the best ones are where people are converting houses into open-plan.
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Subject: Box beams are cheap, light, strong, stiff!
Plywood box beams are the strongest, stiffest, lightest construction available for main beam spans.   Attached is a practical guide for construction and knowing what loads can be used.  I plan to make a triangular base using three box beams that will be supported by three large branches that form a tripod off the trunk.
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