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A pirate-boat in a tree = a magic treehouse for families !
Some pictures of treehouses in France
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Subject: A pirate-boat in a tree = a magic treehouse for families !
My wife and I created an ecolodge in 2010 in France near the Bordeaux area. We wanted to offer people the possibility to spend a magic night up in the trees. We found very competent and artistic buiders who designed us four amazing treehouses.

The first treehouse is a pirate-boat and is for families.




You could watch more pictures on the following link:…

The second treehouse is like a castle in a cedar perched at 11m.

You could watch more pictures of that treehouse on the following link:…
You can watch a video of the construction of that treehouse on:

If you want to discover our others treehouses, we have an English website:

We also wrote a small history of treehouses from the Antiquity up to now:

We look forward to hearing your comments about our little treehouses !

Alex and Coralie from France
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