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How to add photos to your message (Important)
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Subject: How to add photos to your message
You can add photos in two ways, inline or as an attachment.

Inline photos
1. Resize your photos to max 800 pixels on the longest edge.
2. Upload your photo to a webhost - Facebook, Flickr, Tinypic, ImageShack, etc.
3. Copy the full URL to your image.
4. In your message, place this URL betweeen the img tags like this:


Use this for large photos or other file types (.pdf, .zip, .doc etc)
1. Write your message.
2. Once you are happy with the message, click 'Post options' below the text box and add your attachment.
3. Click 'Save post'. If you click 'Preview' the attachment is lost. Add the attachment after previewing and before posting your message.
4. The attachment appears under your post (example below).
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