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1999 entries

Greg Vickers
Colchester, Essex, England
17 December 1999

Just built a tree house 12.5 m high by 8 m wide by 8m deep. Tree house is supported by four 4x4 posts to which is attached a rectangular frame with joists. Attached on top of this are screwed floor boards. There is a set of steps and a balcony 2.5m high and a 6ft by 6ft house with a felt roof. To give extra support the four main post have two additional pieces of wood in a cross pattern for rigidity. The wood cost £570. It took two weeks to build.

James Myers
Middle Bury Center, PA, USA
17 December 1999

It is located in a big maple tree. It has a floor, roof, and walls. It is about 10' off the ground. I have camoflaged my whole fort. I have one window to look out of.

Jo Scheer
Rincon', Peurto Rico
31 Oct 1999

Technically not a treehouse, my bamboo pole house sits nevertheless 20' in the air, amongst the mango tree limbs. The bamboo poles are Guadua angustifolia, a bamboo native to Columbia. The "hooch" is accessible via a short bridge, and serves as the master bedroom of the otherwise conventional house.

Brent Mercer / Art
Fresno, CA, USA

31 October 1999

Two of my past treehouses are a 3 person deck 80' up in a eucalyptus tree, the 2nd in a Modesto ash, a 30 person deck at 25 feet up, with electricity, stereo, phone, pulley to pool, swings to house roof, nets to sit/lay into, and bed platform. But I've been working on a totally different angle - no floors or walls, but nets! Soft and fall-proof! Also chairs of net, elevators, fall-proof ladders, fireman pole and bungee net ideas!

Nicholas Tish and Kane Schonaurer
Millersburg, Ohio, USA
1 October 1999

Our treehouse was built by our Dads. Actually it's not done yet, but it soon will be. The dimensions are 8 foot by ten foot about 12 feet up the tree (high!). It is in a single tree in the woods not far from both our houses. It is ladder accessible and very cool. We recommend a book called "Tree Houses" by David and Jeanie Stiles. It was a great help to us when we started building our treehouse.

Bloomington, Indiana, USA
1 October 1999

It's still in the construction stage but it spans three maple trees to form a triangle.The back end of the triangle is ten feet and the remainig other two sides are twenty two ft.The floor has 41 logs. No two by fours yet.

Spencer Clare
Double Oak, TX, USA
27 September 1999

Fits between four young and growing oaks, creating an irregular shaped foundation of about 70sqft covered and 24sqft balcony overlook for RC car racing. Foundation supported by and rest on top of 2x4 clamps and allthread so that minimal harm comes to the trees. As the trees grow, the tighter the clamps become. They may be relieved as required. This also allows the treehouse to float with respect to wind and movement.

Glen Gaviglio
Fairfield, CA, USA
26 September 1999

My house is a huge 3 story stilt house. I'm even legal!

Conor Maguire
Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland
14 September 1999

My Treehouse is built in a Chestnut tree in my back garden. It was built (mark 1) for my two children in '88 but, as the tree grew, it forced the planks apart and had to be rebuilt. Mark 2 is about 8ft. X 7ft. X 6ft (H). and the floor is about 10ft. above ground level. It's reached by way of an iron spiral staircase. Although not completed, my son and I have slept in it (there is a couch and a single bed, and mains electricity with ELCB installed!). We have had parties in my house where all the children were indoors playing computer games and all the adults were in the treehouse sipping their beers and having a great old time.

We hope to complete the project this year, but are having problems waterproofing the roof, where the treetrunk passes through. Because the trunk is continually growing, it is difficult to put a tight waterproof seal around it.

Joe Arling & Ry Meyer
Dubuque, Iowa, USA
13 September 1999

We built this treehouse during the summer of 1999, the summer of our high school graduation, in Meyer's backyard, which is made up of 14 acres of wooded property. Treehouse is approx. 50 sq. feet, 15 feet up in an oak tree, and ceilings are high enough for Ry (who is 6'3") to stand in a good portion of it. Joe (who is 5'8") can stand in almost all of it. The roof is a 1/4 hip roof design (one corner of a hip roof, for all practical purposes). Windows are made of plexiglass, have screens, and open towards the inside. Future plans include a deck, stairway, and possibly a companion picnic pavillion.

27 August 1999

8 feet, tin shed roof, sliding pole to get down fast, small porch, built on 4 4x4's with plywood floor and horizontal board siding about 3' high, structure starts about 10' off the ground.

Andrew Doepner
Navan, Ontario, Canada
25 August 1999

My treehouse is currently two platforms 10 and 12 feet high up a willow at the back of my neighbours backyard. I am in the middle of building a large platform (6x7 feet) so I can sleep out there. The large platform will have a tarp on a frame for a roof. I would like to thank my friends Dave and Kyle and my brother Chris for helping me build it.

Jesse Troxler
Knoxville, TN, USA
23 August 1999

Built in an elm tree 17 feet high. Has bamboo railings, a tarp roof, hammock, christmas lights and lots of plants, a radio and sometimes a TV.

Dawn Merritt
Norman, OK, USA
21 August 1999

I am the mother of the three girls shown in the treehouse. I built the treehouse this summer, '99 for my girls, along with putting up a tire-swing and knotted climbing rope. I plan to build additional platforms, crows-nest, and look-out towers in this tree, as well as putting up a rope ladder and short rope bridge.

Lynn Minor
Frewsburg, Chautauqua County, NY, USA
16 August 1999

Built by Brad minor(12), Garret Johnson (14) and Lynn Minor (13). It is 36 feet long, 7 feet from floor to roof, anywere from 4 to 7 feet off the ground (it sits on a steep hill), the roof is 14 feet at it's highest point, 3 different sections constructed over a one year period in 5 seperated white pines. 7 windows with hinged doors to keep rain out. Smallest section is open (no roof). 1 couch, 4 chairs, lights and stereo.

John Admas
Salem, OR, USA
10 August 1999

My treehouse (more of a fort really) has the floor 8 ft off the ground. It has a set of monkey bars leading to another treethat is really close.from that tree you can climb up to a platform thats about 40 ft off the ground with a zip line that shoots over my pool.

Me and my sisters love climbing up to the platform and zipping into the pool.

Patrick Swanson
Belmont, MI, USA
9 August 1999

Mine is a very unique treehouse. It is actually one 10x5 treehouse connected by bridge to a smaller tree platform. They are both built on mid-age to old pines. The main treehouse is 16 feet (5.3 meters) and the tree platform is 17 feet (5.6 meters) up. In addition to this I am planning a small cargo lift (elevator?) for easy transport of goods.

John Berdan
London, Ontario, Canada
9 August 1999

Built in 1988, it is 8 feet off the ground, about 80 sq. feet, including a "porch". It is accessible by a ladder and can be exited by either of two slides. It is built between two 40 foot spruce trees. It is a great play place for the kids!

Bryan C Karp
Audubon, NJ, USA
9 August 1999

In my backyard about 40-50 feet up in a quad-trunked old giant oak tree. 1 room complete with roof and drop sides. Has an entry door and is wired with electric and is furnished for overnight use including a television set.

Zachary Blackwood
Providence, RI, USA
5 August 1999

I am 9 years old. Me and my Dad are working together on my Treehouse. My Treehouse sits about 12 feet off the ground and sits in an old maple tree (the only tree in our small yard). The platform is approx. 6 feet by 5 feet, enough room for a couple of kids to sleep. It has a very steep roof, three windows (no glass) and a door. We are still building it.

Richard Nelson
Auburn twp, Geauga County, Ohio, USA
23 July 1999

200 sq. ft. elevated 10 ft. off the ground with canvas covered gazebo roof approximatly 100 yards from the main house situated in heavy woods overlooking a large lake. A great place for evening cocktails or just to get away from it all and enjoy nature. The standing record so far is 17 persons enjoying the views at one time. A 30 foot poplar tree runs through the bow shaped front of the structure.

Sam Edwards
Calhoun, Georgia, USA
18 July 1999

1100 square feet of full time living space, built in and around a 60 foot pin oak (160 year old) with 24 feet of airplane fuselage sticking out of one end (bedroom). Began the project in '91 and have lived here since. Residence has all the amenities. And oddly enough, is located 200 yards from the middle of town. Site has photo gallery.

Williams Township, Minnesota, USA
18 July 1999

Built on 15 acres of wooded country bordered by one of the states best rivers for kayaking, fishing and canoeing. Started building in the Fall of 1997. Nearly ¾'s complete. Finishing the interior space and then on to the observation platform 25' above the river bottom.

Jerry and Kerry Dermody
Pagosa Springs/Chromo, CO, USA
10 July 1999

We were inspired by 14' x 14' lookout towers, but improved the plan. Built 3 storeys bracketed by 2 awesome Poderosa Pines with 2 used telephone poles at the other corners. Level #1: deck with window wall on west (breezy) side #2: Main "cabin"--kitchen (haul water), table, sofa; #3 loft sleeps 3. Propane stove, lights, fridge, furnace. Ski access in winter. Dutch-door outhouse in the meadow. We had professional carpentry help. Awesome views of the Rockies. Nat'l Forest adjacent. Come visit!

Tim Oden
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
6 July 1999

It's about 100 sq. ft. about 15 feet off the ground, spanning two trees on independent 2x10x12 trusses, which give it a nice sway. It is my beginner treehouse - the next one will be masssive!

Andrea Finney
La Garita, CO, USA
19 June 1999

We just had a treehouse built for my sons. A treehouse was something I always wanted as a child but never had. I find myself as excited as they are. I had it built so that we can add on through the years. A second story is already in the plans for next summer. We are adding a zip line at the moment. Our redwood treehouse is so cool. It has a small house with two doors and a railed deck all around it. One of the doors is a secret exit. Of course no treehouse would be complete without a trap door to go along! I am sure that there are better treehouses but we are very happy with ours!

Patrick Prescott, Bryan Cope
Lake Jackson, TX, USA
16 June 1999

Our tree house isn't what comes to mind when you think of a treehouse. It's really a bunch of shrimp net suspended about 30 feet up in a live oak. The net is about 20 ft. wide and 15 ft. long.

We built a ladder out of small trees we cut down and then we lashed them together. The ladder only goes halfway up to the net, you have climb the rest of the way up. We're about to suspend a big canvas tarp over it for a roof. The canvas will be good for shade and rain. Something else we're adding is a network of observation towers connected by rope bridges, we're almost done with the first one. After all that is done, we'll put a wooden platform under the net. I (Patrick) built most of the treehouse, and Bryan supplied most of the materials. We had the net in another tree but it fell over. When we would show someone the old tree house they always liked it.

John Gathright
10 June 1999

We live in a Miso Barrel Treehouse in a national park in Japan. As with the fullfillment of any dream there is a fantastic story to go with it. Please check out our website. We would love to make contact with other treehouse people and have started a World Treehouse tree. Please feel free to link with us and if you would like a link on the tree we'd love to put you on.

Oakwood, IL, USA
9 June 1999

My treehouse is a very neat tree house it is built over a tree.

Mike Leghorn
Kent, WA, USA
8 June 1999

Built from old barn timbers (1920-30s) clear fir, rough sawn nominal dimension. 150 sq ft 1st floor and 150 sq ft observation deck. Suspended with cables between 3 mature Western Red Cedars approx. 50 to 60 ft tall. 1st floor is 8 feet off the ground.

Tom Dunlap
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
30 May 1999

I am an ISA Certified Arborist and have built treehouses.

Scott Christine
Ocean Springs, MS, USA
29 May 1999

Our treehouse is on top of our swingset. Constructed of 2" pipe. 100 sq. ft. of space. (10'x10') 12 foot above the ground. For a quick exit it has a 2' wide 22' long stainless steel slide.

George Ells, Rick Thompson, Justin Lemaster
Grandview, Franklin, Ohio, USA
28 May 1999

Our treehouse is two stories high and has an addition. Now we are working on the addition. It's camouflaged in the summer and in the winter it is visible.

Harry Neely
Dryden, Michigan, USA
27 May 1999

Just started building on 5/20/99. Platform is 21 feet above ground. Deck is 13 x 16 feet, Treehouse will be 8 x 10 feet. It is built on a hillside presenting some special problems. See my website for updates and info.

Wade Parker
Chandler, TX, USA
29 April 1999

I started the treehouse as a simple thing for my daughter, Amanda. Well, one thing led to another and it got a little more complicated. Basically, it lies between three oaks, is about eight feet off the ground, completely enclosed with air conditioning, and has a deck with lattice work. I remember the tree house my father built me, I hope hers is just as important to her as well. Amanda was also my helper on the project.

Orange, VA, USA
28 April 1999

Its not very high but has a rope bridge and a rope swing. I have a lookout tower in the top and thats really high.

Scott Stevens
Paris, TN, USA
27 April 1999

I am a homeschooling parent and I built a treehouse schoolhouse for my two daughters. We have school daily in the treehouse and the name of our school is Grand Oaks Academy. The treehouse is a 8'x14' structure built between two oak trees and has a platform above the treehouse for reading and watching the world go by!

Sam Isaac Edwards
Calhoun, GA, USA
26 April 1999

Treehouse is my primary residence, 1100 sq's up/in/about 160yr old pin oak. Built from mostly salvaged materials, including 18 ft of airplane fuselage i use as a bedroom. It has all the amenities, heat/air phone, water power etc and satelite dish. I've been living here for the past seven years. House is featured in new book, "From outhouse to white house to treehouse" available May 15 1999 from Parris Press.

Nathan Smith
Mount Airy, NC, USA
24 April 1999

9ft by 9ft. Green. Overlooks driveway. Covered in camo netting. Sleeps 3 with table and chairs folded into the wall. Has propane hookups and electricity (via underground wires.) stove and heater-(propane). Did have water tank, but it didn't work so I took it out. Rubber roof. Everything can be either stored out of the way or folded into wall.

Casey Hastings
Austin, Minnesota, USA
24 April 1999

4 stories and constructed by two 4th graders named Casey and Frank.

Daniel Susott
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
16 April 1999

The Gaiasphere Dome is a living dome of giant bamboo, trees, and vines, encompassing The Biosphere Tree, the giant banyan housing the 6-level treepalace (recently visited twice by Quentin Tarantino), home to the "Staving Artists" at the Hawaii International Film Festival. The canopy level is 120 feet above the stream. I will try to include some photographs. Visitors welcome - there's a lot more tree in which to add rooms and levels. Next comes a composting toilet and shower, water catchment and solar power...

Darin Davis and Margaret Ayer
Austin, TX, USA
14 April 1999

Our treehouse is actually a tree deck for the time being. It is approximately 20ft off the ground to the main platform

Mark and Kate Tague
Seminole County, FL, USA
10 April 1999

Our treehouse is built in six sable palm trees...consisting of a bedroom/living room...screened in atrium, including the stairwell....with eat-in kitchen on the ground floor....we've a guesthouse/treehouse as well....a loft, over a main sitting room....also built in sable palms...we have inhabited our treehouse for 13 years..and are now, even with homestead exemption, experiencing problems with our local county government.

Treehouse Junky
Seymour, TN, USA
8 April 1999

First treehouse is 6yrs old. It has 3 levels. First level is at 10ft. Second level is 17ft. Third level is at 28ft. Each level is 15ft by 15ft. Second treehouse is a little more simple. It is my 5 year olds. It sets 22ft off the ground. It is 10ft by 20ft. It sets on 3 white oaks, and and 1 huge pine!. I am a paid treehouse, deck, porch builder, and a general handyman.

28 March 1999

I made a tree house a few years ago entirely from materials I found in the garbage bins of a fraternity at a university.

Guildrend, NY, USA
14 March 1999

It has 2 floors, power, pulley, toilet.

John Wenger
New Smyrna Beach, FL, USA
1 January 1999

Building my son a tree fort turned into a treehouse , after 40 hrs and $500 we are nearly complete. We now have a 11' 6" X 9' 6' Tree house Boasting 7' ceilings complete with windows operated by ropes and pulleys, a dumb waiter, fully operational door with locks. plans for a second floor are in the works. Plumbing is not the game plan but electric certainly is. Well thatís all for now. Got to get back to work on my tree condominium. Ha ha perhaps I'll hear from you in the future.

John Juzdowski
Buffalo, NY, USA
1 January 1999

I live in Buffalo but my treehouse is in the wood of a close by town. It's about 10ft off of the ground and I have a woodburning stove inside, because it gets pretty cold. It held up pretty good for the winter we had.