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Whatever your reason for building a treehouse, it must be strong and safe. You need the right tree and capable materials. The house must respect the tree, allowing it to move in the wind and to grow with minimal restriction. Pick up the techniques and tutorials so you can start your build confidently and avoid costly mistakes. Almost any mature tree can be used for a treehouse and it doesn't have to cost much at all - you just need some good ideas and the motivation to make it happen.

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Treehouses of the world

From tiny shacks made with driftwood beside a river, to treetop observatories and towering cathedrals spanning several trees, the range of designs and styles of houses built in trees is breathtaking. A connection with nature and use of reclaimed or salvaged materials can inspire an environmentally sensitive process of building. Many of these structures are built as a temporary escape from the rat race and the pressure of busy lives and can be fitted out with beds, wood burning stoves, solar powered lighting and hand made stained glass windows.

Within the world treehouse list you'll find a compilation of treehouse stories with all sorts of tree structure from fort to mansion.

Plans and designs

If the thought of preparing your own safe tree house plan is a little daunting, try one of the plans from Treehouse Guides. They have full material and cutting lists, colour diagrams and instructions for every step of the build. There are designs which fit one or two trees and an entirely freestanding hut. If you're on a budget, try out this simple free plan to get you started.


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