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Tools for treehouse construction

The most important tools for treehouse building are a saw and drill. You can save a lot of time using a powered circular saw for most of your cuts, if you have access to an electrical supply or generator at your site. Once you get used to cutting with a circular saw it will greatly speed up the process or wood preparation and will help to get square cuts that will join to other parts more easily. Most treehouse materials will be at most 1½" thick pine, so power isn't too important a consideration, but it is worth getting a machine that will stay accurate even through some rough treatment at a treehouse building site.

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Fasteners used for treehouses

There are two main areas of treehouse construction - the supports and the house itself. For the supports you will be using a selection of heavier lag bolts and standard bolts that are weather resistant (galvanized or stainless steel). The house can be assembled with nails but screws are now mainly used due to their ease of installation using a portable drill, their accuracy and resistance to loosening. Between all the bolts and screws required for a typical treehouse, it is easy to spend as much on hardware as on the wood, so it's worth trying to calculate what you need in advance and buying in bulk wherever possible.

8"x¾" lag bolt

8"x¾" lag bolts
20 pack

5"x½" lag bolts
150 pack

6" screws
50 pack

5" screws
50 pack

6"x½" bolts
25 pack

5"x½" carriage bolts
150 pack

4"x½" bolts
25 pack

carriage bolts
25 pack

3" screws
350 pack

1½"x¼" screws
250 pack

Pilot drill bits
up to ½"

Drill bits for bolts

bit holder

Phillips bits
for #2 head

Other hardware and fastener suppliers