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World treehouse list

A source of inspiration for anyone building a treehouse. You can find contacts who can give extra help, or look for treehouses that you may be able to visit.

The Fulton treehouse

Aerial view of Fulton tree house

Treehouse personalities

Public awareness of treehouses has increased greatly since the mid-1990s, mainly due to the work of a few key people. They have improved safety, quality of design and cost to the point where you can either build your own with great confidence or get a team to do all the designing and construction.

Alnwick Treehouse

Front of Alnwick Treehouse

Alnwick Treehouse is part of a large garden in the northeast of England. It was built at a cost of 3.2m ($6.5m) in 2004 and is open for the public to visit.

Photo tour