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The treehouse year

If you are about to build your treehouse, there are certain building and maintenance tasks that need to be carried out throughout the year. Most of these can be done at any time, but some are best done during a particular season. Treehouse building activity around the world tends to peak in spring (April-May) as the weather warms up, but if you are planning a new build you should get started earlier. The months shown below apply to the northern hemisphere.


It's cold, dark and wet outside but there are plenty of tasks that can be completed during the winter months. This is the one part of the year when trees are dormant, and most trees and vegetation will have lost their leaves.


Vegetation bursts into life and trees begin to open new leaves.


Long, warm days and drier weather make this the best time to build the house section of the treehouse on the prepared and tested floor.


The treehouse can still be used in fine weather, but preparations need to be made before winter sets in. High winds can be particularly damaging.